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Signature Tea Houses grace each nine
at Whistling Rock

The Tea Houses at Whistling Rock, designed by Mecanoo, were created to serve as visual icons within the landscape. Offering players a unique moment of relaxation during their rounds, each Tea House takes its cue from the natural landscape and topography while emphasizing the theme of each nine: Cocoon (Hidden in the Rocks), Temple (As the Eagle Soars), Cloud (Calm your Spirits).


Adjacent to the 6th tee, the Cocoon occupies a small cleft between an untouched patch of pine forest and a large lake full of lily pads. A tinned copper skin envelops the amoeba-like structure like a spun-silken carapace. Oval shaped openings in the Cocoon shell frame views of the distant landscape. The interior features vibrant red floors to complement the curved white walls.


The Temple, set on a prominent ledge adjacent the 5th tee and overlooking much of the golf course, resembles a small shrine in a rural setting. Designed as a place for rest and reflection, this tea house has a calm, light atmosphere. The traditional-roofed Temple is the only tea house visible from the clubhouse, and at night, appears as a glowing lantern in the landscape.


Perched atop a small brow in a wooded hillside above the 4th green, the Cloud overlooks the five holes set in a verdant, sequestered area of the golf course nicknamed “the Glen”. This tea house seemingly floats above the ground amongst the oak trees and offers spectacular views of the surrounding countryside and golf course, as well as an 8 meter waterfall in the near distance. The dynamic form emphasized by the shiny exterior skin creates a chameleon-like, amorphous appearance as golfers move toward the building.