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Hole 1

361 Yard

/ Par 4, Handicap 9

The starting hole of the Cloud course is a short uphill dogleg left that starts in a wide open expanse of grass and rocks, and ends at the entrance of a dense forest. The fairway, framed by a bedrock wall on the left and a large bunker on the right, is wide and comfortable. Mind your distance on the tee shot, because the closer the drive is to the green, the more difficult it is to see the raised surface. A large false front protects the middle pins, and a large left bunker protects the left side.

Hole 2

563 Yard

/ Par 5, Handicap 4

After a short journey through the woods and our eco-tunnel, golfers arrive at a small isolated valley dubbed ‘the Glen’. A wooded canyon of five holes, ‘the Glen’ has its own unique character that sets it apart from the rest of the property. The 2nd hole tees drops gently down into the low end of the canyon to a green sitting on the opposite side of a large lake. The narrow fairway swoops to the right between a rock face and the lake. Accuracy and distance is required on the drive to challenge the green in two shots, which is guarded by bunkers in front and behind.

Hole 3

409 Yard

/ Par 4, Handicap 3

The 3rd is a quickly-climbing uphill dogleg left that is framed by dense woods on the right and a fast-falling mountain stream on the left. The large undulating green sits high above the tees in a wide bowl surrounded by trees and a crashing waterfall. The best drives hug the left side of the fairway next to the stream so as to give the shortest distance for the approach. Poorly-struck balls to the right will result in a difficult carry of the stream that crosses the fairway and borders the right edge of the green.

Hole 4

213 Yard

/ Par 3, Handicap 8

A small bench in the hillside occupies the green for the first par 3 of the Cloud course. Between the tree-covered hillside behind it and a grassy valley in front of it, the large green sits innocently only guarded on the front right by bunkers. The green slopes with the lay of the land, back-right to front-left, and should be approached with tee shots that move in the opposite direction to ensure a soft landing.

Hole 5

365 Yard

/ Par 4, Handicap 7

The fairway gently climbs up to a green surrounding by dense forest. A long ribbon bunker guards the right side of the fairway and any shot not quite hit solidly will most likely find its way here. Aiming left avoids the risk and opens up a great angle to the green, which is the second highest elevated green on the property.

Hole 6

438 Yard

/ Par 4, Handicap 6

The green is blind to the player from the tee. The fairway doglegs left sharply around a steep hillside on the left filled with trees. The golfer can play the way of the fairway or launch a tee shot over the trees to cut off distance to the green. The safe option leaves a longer second shot to a green elevated above a valley crossing in front; the risky option will result in a shorter approach shot but likely from an uneven downhill lie.

Hole 7

540 Yard

/ Par 5, Handicap 1

Isolated with the 8th hole in a narrow valley and back-dropped by a towering mountain peak behind the green, the 7th is a short par 5 that plays tough. The fairway climbs uphill along the left side of a mountain stream and terminates at a green that sits 30 meters above the tees. Playing close to the stream gives you the best angles to the green. The short length of this hole is countered by the uphill terrain and the difficultly of holding the green, which is very elevated and undulating.

Hole 8

248 Yard

/ Par 3, Handicap 5

The green hangs closely to the edge of a hillside that falls off quickly down to the valley below. The putting surface is open in the front and narrows to the back right corner, increasing the demand for greater accuracy as the pin moves further back.

Hole 9

509 Yard

/ Par 4, Handicap 2

The 9th tee offers one of the grandest views of the day. The tees sit high above the fairway, which is wide and rolls gently along the valley floor in front of the clubhouse. In the foreground, a stream weaves around the tees and drops into a lake below. In the distance, the green nestles next to a lone bunker and large rock outcropping. Hug the right fairway bunker to yield the best angle to the green. This long hole will be a three-shot hole for most, but the green is large and accessible for chipping.

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